About Mistress


I am Mistress Tina, a Dominatrix and female sadist in Liverpool . ( have also  been located in new york ) 

I am an intensely private and discreet woman who has been conducting professional BDSM sessions since 2009 and living the "lifestyle" even longer.

I maintain My own personal and exceptionally well-appointed dungeon in a residential house. The surrounding neighborhood is upscale, sophisticated and discreet, and every aspect of My dungeon space reflects these qualities.

The main purpose of this website is to find compatible submissives, masochists, slaves, sissy-maids, fetishists, bondage- and spanking-enthusiasts and/or playthings for in-person sessions and service to Me. 

If you are seeking any form of instant gratification, you will not find that kind of satisfaction here. I am interested in people who are adept with traditional manners and forms of communicating along with an ability to exhibit patience. You must be familiar with proper protocol and how to behave in the presence of a Dominatrix.

I am very particular regarding My likes and dislikes and I operate My Domain based on My specific personal preferences and fetishes. I structure sessions based on the dynamic that exists between Myself and each individual allowed to serve and I will not consider a session unless we share compatible interests. Your experience level is not as important to Me as the following:

You must be a genuine submissive, masochist and/or fetishist who displays a sincere desire to please, serve, amuse, obey, and surrender all control to Me. In addition, you must demonstrate a proper understanding of Mistress/submissive protocol.

My manner is extremely dominant and controlling, yet may come across as surprisingly warm and easy-going when I am with someone who is not an ill-mannered, unreliable creature (people of this ilk will be quickly dismissed from My world). 

I am an adrenaline junkie and crave intense scenes, however, I also strive to have fun. I do laugh which is a sign that I am enjoying Myself; do not let My laughter or seemingly kind nature confuse you into thinking that proper protocol has been suspended.

I am open to hearing about interesting role-play ideas, however, I do not accept lengthy scripts or instructions for sessions.


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Mistress Tina.


Available  7 days a week by appointment only !